Home Health Becoming Most Likely Post-Acute Referral Destination

According to the 2019 Industry Trend Report from Trella Health, skilled nursing facility (SNF) admissions are dropping across the country while home health agencies have become the most likely post-acute referral destination.

Some states have seen a decline in SNF admissions anywhere between 14% and 26%.

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Hospitals Demand National Standards For Prior Authorizations

Hospitals are demanding national standards for prior authorizations regardless of which Payer they are working with.

Hospitals often believe they have followed the required steps and process flawlessly, only to discover their claim was denied. This inevitably leads to a painful and lengthy appeals process.

This article addresses the pain points many providers are feeling as well as suggestions to provide clarity to the prior authorization process.

New Rule Requires Hospitals To Provide Skilled Nursing Quality Data At Discharge

CMS has finalized a new rule requiring hospitals to give patients better visibility to their post-acute provider choices.
This rule will not impact the anti-steering regulations that prevent hospitals from recommending specific skilled nursing facilities, but rather enlighten the patient to make a more informed decision to their post-acute care while also considering their goals of care and treatment preferences.

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