SNFs Looking To Improve Payer Relationships

Skilled Nursing Facilities are experiencing the necessity of a positive Payer relationship.
Medicare Advantage plans are focusing on strategies that will have the greatest impact, affecting the most lives.
To succeed, SNFs must learn to identify a Payer’s top priorities and build a solid foundation of communication, ensuring both parties are on the same page with data as this is often a source of conflict.

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Iowa’s Medicaid Director’s Belief In Managed Care Undaunted By Cost Increase

Payments have increased to the two Iowa managed care companies being paid to run the program this year. However, Iowa’s Medicaid Director notes that this should not be referred to as a raise, but as necessary due to rising costs the companies face as well as reflecting the increased payments legislator’s have determined for nursing homes and rural hospitals.

The Medicaid Director believes that taxpayers are actually saving money with the program being run by private companies rather than the state.

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Long-Term Managed Medicaid Could Disappear In NY

There is currently a New York state waiver amendment that would remove long-term managed Medicaid for patients living in SNFs. If approved, this would transition back into a fee-for-service Medicaid for stays over three months and would be implemented at the beginning of 2020. Other states could look to similar strategies as most states are known to currently be keeping a close eye on the state of New York. Such a change would be a major shift in the industry as Medicaid forms the bulk of most nursing facility payments. For more on this please see the @skilled_nursing article below.

SNFs Must Define Who They Are

Skilled Nursing News sat down with the CEO of Dycora Transitional Health and Living to describe how the industry has changed through the years, to provide pointers for new SNFs and to elaborate on how a SNF can perform to its full potential.

Focusing on your communities needs, telling your story, and being proactive rather than reactive, are suggested to be of the utmost importance.

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Over 20 Ohio Facilities Appear On Undisclosed List Of Troubled Nursing Homes

Two senators recently released a CMS list of nearly 400 nursing facilities nationwide with a “persistent record of poor care” whose names were not released publicly by the government.

On this list, eighteen different Ohio facilities appear as Special Focus Facility (SFF) candidates, with an additional five already marked as SFF.

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CMS To Increase Drug Price Transparency

The Trump Administration has finalized adjustments to Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D to ensure patients have greater transparency in the cost of prescription drugs, along with improved visibility to their options.

Under this new rule, the Explanation of Benefits document that Part D enrollees receive should now include notice of drug price increases as well as lower-cost alternatives.

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