Access Innovations: Focused Value Based Care Solutions and Collaborations.

CMS says it, payment is changing.

Providers attuned to Value Based Care know purchaser expectations have toughened up. Fee for service may be the norm now, but proving your Value is getting real. New, progressive payment analysis and care transitional expertise are necessities for thriving in today’s market.

Our Innovations Team focuses on provider champions at the cutting edge of market change. Working with nationally recognized experts we figure out payment and models and offer shared, workable tools and resources, easily adopted by small providers.

Our track record is impressive. 

  • We identify, implement, and manage current Medicare Advantage contracts with Value Based Purchasing reimbursement criteria. 
  • Our Map to Market (M2M) proprietary data profiling differentiates our providers with payer purchasers, snagging new product agreements and higher rates.
  • A CMS Model 3 BPCI Pilot Convener, we reduced nursing home rehospitalization by 41% over 18 months using evidence-based practices and progressive IT.
  • Our BPCI Value Based Care activities are adaptable to MACRA, ACO/PAC Management, Model 2, CJR, CABG, MLTSS, and MA Plans for risk-based/shared-savings agreements.

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