About Us

We are a highly skilled and committed team specializing in managed care, deeply immersed in our field.

In 2007, we initiated Access Advantage, a post-acute care (PAC) Membership network steeped in tradition, dedicated to securing managed care contracts for forward-thinking nursing homes.

During that period, Medicare Advantage enrollment was modest, necessitating starter contracts for providers. Encouragement from five major payers, signaling a surge in enrollment, guided our strategic decision-making.

The introduction of mandatory Medicaid managed care, alongside CMS and State announcements of dual programs, underscored the essential need for dedicated and replicable managed care resources.

Almost seven years later, we successfully secured contracts with twenty-five payers, each presenting distinctive opportunities and challenges within diverse markets. Our commitment to staying ahead of industry changes showcases a proactive and strategic approach.

Continuing forward, we have assisted over eighty-five PAC providers in obtaining crucial Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial contracts tailored to their specific markets, solidifying our reputation as a trusted partner.

Responding to our Membership’s request, we introduced Access Innovations, a CMS Convenor, effectively navigating the CMS Bundled Payment Collaboration Innovations model. This addition exemplifies our team’s innovation and adaptability to emerging challenges.

Throughout our journey, we preserved our inaugural business, RCC Consulting, now Access Elite, actively taking on clients with specific managed care project objectives.

Having embarked on my managed care journey in the 1980s, I’ve assisted various entities—physicians, hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, ambulance and DME companies, nursing homes, and home care agencies—in securing and managing contracts. Collaborating with VHA, I contributed to launching a statewide hospital-based network in Ohio and served as the Managed Care Director for the not-for-profit aging services association, LeadingAge Ohio, establishing seven geographically diverse managed care networks. Our extensive experience forms a robust foundation for Access Co, enabling us to provide comprehensive support across various healthcare administrative functions. The emphasis on being a trusted partner to over eighty-five PAC providers underscores the relationships we’ve built and the value we bring to our clients.

Today, “Making it Happen” defines Access Co and its affiliates—Access Advantage, Access Innovations, and Access Elite.

Acknowledging the challenges, I recall my father’s wisdom: “Renee, nothing good comes easy.”

For those seeking assistance in achieving managed care goals, we extend an invitation to reach out. Making it Happen for Those We Serve is our unwavering commitment.

Renee Cummings, CEO