Return to Hospital (RTH) Rates

Access Advantage providers are distinguished by their lasting commitment to performance. Built upon the solid foundations of expert and tenured staff (many post acute providers experience staffing turnovers of 50% annually), our provider’s bring the gift of organizational longevity to every admission, service or treatment.

Access Advantage’s commitment to proving our providers excellence is a matter of profiling what they are already accomplishing.  In 2009 the Access Advantage Performance Improvement Workgroup decided to profile nursing facility Return to Hospital (RTH) rates believing that potentially avoidable rehospitalization within 30 days is indicative of premature discharge and/or inadequate communication, education, or performance at some point in the care continuum.

The bottom line- our Access Advantage member’s are providing exceptional care at less than half the average for RTH.   Our RTH data collection project continues, believing it will become a highly effective tool in identifying the overall performance of care as a quantifiable measure of effective communication and quality as the individual transitions from hospital to post acute care providers.