Person Centered Care (PCC)

The adoption of Person-Centered Care (PCC) by provider’s is a true hallmark of excellence. To adopt and embrace PCC changes an organization from top to bottom. A PCC organization must persistently examine and reflect upon how they relate to their residents and clients, making changes that profoundly affect care and service delivery.

PCC compels interaction on a higher level of empathy and understanding. Residents continue to live as much as possible with the freedom, choice and purpose they have experienced throughout their lives. Residents feel at home in a more personalized setting ensuring resident dignity, safety and wellbeing by compassionate, professional teams of experienced care providers.

Person-Centered Care enables a person to make choices related to their own well being, drawing them into decision making and producing better outcomes and more lasting change. Approaching each day with purpose and meaning, remarkable results set our Access Advantage PCC provider’s apart from the type of institutional and regimented care environments people have come to accept as standard practice.

Person Centered Care is provided by our quality driven network of Access Advantage Providers.